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お部屋のご紹介 Guestroom introduction

色が持つ不思議な力 The mysterious power of color


We have prepared three rooms according to your mood so that you can enjoy a different stay in each room.

In addition to the atmosphere of the four seasons, please enjoy the depth of the wooden Japanese house and the warmth of the futon.
We hope that you will enjoy spending time with your family, quietly relieving your fatigue with your lover, and enjoy the comfort of being in your own home.


忍者 -NINJA-



お部屋詳細 Guestroom detail


桜をイメージした小さなお部屋です。壁や小物を赤色に統一し、畳のヘリにもこだわった可愛らしいお部屋に仕上がっています。ひとり旅行や親子でのご宿泊には丁度いい広さとなっております。赤一面の壁はSNS映えすること間違いなしでしょう! STAY PRICE  (breakfast included)
[FRI-SAT,Holiday] ¥8,250/1guest
(2guests ¥7,700/guest)
[SUN-THU] ¥9,350/1guest
(2guests ¥8,800/guest)
※heating costs¥550/guest [NOV-MAR]

広さ Room size

4.5 畳・和室 4.5 mats / Japanese-style room

収容人数 Capacity

1 person
*2 people are also allowed


忍者 -NINJA-

ゴージャスなゴールドをあしらった部屋には忍者という名を付けました。壁の模様や窓枠、小物に至るまで、こだわりの詰まったお部屋に仕上がっています。6畳の広さがありますのでご家族やお友達同士でのご宿泊にピッタリです。華やかなお部屋でぜひ記念写真を! STAY PRICE  (breakfast included)
[FRI-SAT,Holiday] 2-3guests ¥8,800/guest
(SUN-THU 2-3guests ¥7,700/guest)
1 guest 12,100~
※heating costs¥550/guest [NOV-MAR]

広さ Room size

6 畳・和室 6 mats / Japanese-style room

収容人数 Capacity

2 people
*3 people are also allowed



落ち着きのある群青を纏った侍。装飾に刀を用いたことがお部屋の名前の由来と言われています。家具や壁にもこだわり、他にはない独特な雰囲気が漂っています。6畳に加え、1畳半程の板の間もありますので小グループでのご利用でも広く使っていただけます。言うまでもなく、刀はレプリカですのでご安心を! STAY PRICE (breakfast included)
[FRI-SAT,Holiday] 2-4guests ¥8,800/guest
(SUN-THU 2-4guests ¥7,700/guest)
1 guest ¥13,200~
※heating costs¥550/guest [NOV-MAR]

広さ Room size

6 畳・和室 + 板間 6 mats / Japanese-style room + Itama

収容人数 Capacity

2 ~ 3 名様
2 ~ 3 people
*4 people are also allowed


お風呂・お手洗い・洗面所 Bathroom / Restroom / Washroom

  • 画像1
  • 画像2
  • 画像3
  • 画像4

It is a shared space.
There are two washbasins and separate washrooms for men and women.
The bath is a unit bath and you can take turns. *This is not a hot spring. (until 23:00 at night, from 6:30 in the morning)

設備・アメニティ Facilities / amenities

各室設備 Equipment in each room

暖房機器 / Wi-Fi Heater / Wi-Fi

各室アメニティ Amenity in each room

バスタオル / フェイスタオル / 湯沸し器 / 湯呑 / お茶 Bath towel / Face towel / Electric kettle / Japanese teacup / tea leaves

貸出(販売) Lending or Selling

ドライヤー / スマホ充電器 / (使い捨て歯ブラシ) Hair dryer / Smartphone charger

お風呂・洗面所 Bath room / Washroom

シャンプー / コンディショナー / ボディソープ / バンドソープ Shampoo / Conditioner / Body soap / Hand soap

Various drinks (tea, water, soft drinks, etc.) are prepared in the room, so you can drink them for 100 yen per bottle.

宿泊料金 Stay price

お部屋 Room

宿泊人数 Number of guests

日 ~ 木 Sun - Thu

金・土・祝前日 Fri / Sat / Before public holidays

1 名様 1 person




2 名様 2 people



2 ~ 3 名様 2 ~ 3 people



※「桜」 部屋を2名様でご利用の場合は平日7,700円、金土祝前8,800円となります。
※「侍」 部屋を1名様でご利用の場合は平日9,900円、金・土・祝前日13,200円になります。
The price is per person and includes breakfast (tax included).
*An additional 550 yen per person will be charged for heating in winter (November to March). Thank you for your understanding.
* Special prices apply during the Fuji Rock period and New Year holidays (12/29-1/5).
*Nagaoka Fireworks (August 2 and 3) and Obon period will be charged before holidays.
* If two people share the "SAKURA" room, the price is 7,150 yen on weekdays and 8,800 yen before Fridays, Saturdays, and holidays.
*In the case of using the "NINJA" room for one person, it will be 8,800 yen on weekdays and 12,100 yen on Fridays, Saturdays, and the day before holidays.
* "SAMURAI" Private room for 1 person: 9,900 yen on weekdays, 13,200 yen on Fridays, Saturdays, and days before holidays.
* About cancellation
Cancellations are accepted up to one week in advance. 6 days to 2 days before 20%, 1 day before 50%,
Please note that a 100% cancellation fee will be charged on the day.

宿泊のご案内 Accommodation guidance

所在地 Location 〒949-6101 新潟県南魚沼郡湯沢町湯沢552-8 552-8 Yuzawa, Yuzawa-machi, Minamiuonuma, Niigata, 949-6101
アクセス Access   JR越後湯沢駅 JR EchigoYuzawa   関越自動車道 IC湯沢 Kanetsu Expressway IC Yuzawa
チェックイン Check-In 15:00 ~
チェックアウト Check-Out 11:00
駐車場 Parking 2 台 (¥500 / 日) ※その他、町営駐車場有 (冬季有料) 2 parking spaces (¥500 / day) *In addition, there is a municipal parking lot (Paid in winter)
ご予約・お問い合わせ Reservation / Inquiry 025-788-0634

About accommodation
Luggage storage before check-in and early check-in (additional charge) are also possible.
We also accept luggage storage after check-out.

ご予約・お問い合わせ Reservation / Contact us

We accept reservations and inquiries by phone.
Please feel free to contact us for any questions.